1936 - 1943

1936- 1943

Kindly transcribed and sent to me by Sue Poyntz of Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England

Chr. Name Year Place Details
Robert Frederick 1936 Alverstoke, Hants Will of Robert Frederick Yeo of Holmfirth, Alverstoke, Hampshire, died 15th June, 1936. Probate to Mary Flora Sich, spinster. Effects 11337. 2s. 6d
Alfred Edward 1936 Epsom, Surrey Admin with will of Alfred Edward Yeo of West Park Mental Hospital, Epsom, Surrey, died 19/2/1933 to Emily Mahal Yeo, widow and Richard Yeo, Aircraft Engineer. Effects 381
Annie 1936 Swansea Admin of the effects of Annie Yeo of 14 Gwydr Crescent, Swansea, widow, died 8th June 1926 Administration to Muriel Hilda Morris (wife of Philip Morris) and Mildred Annie Yeo, spinster. Effects 10
Charles Christy 1936 East Looe, Cornwall Admin of the effects of Charles Christy Yeo of Barbican Farm, East Looe died 21st March 1936 at Greenbank, Plymouth. Admin to Sybil Violet Yeo, widow and Thomas Salisbury, Naval Pensioner. Effects 5197. 7s
Edith Florence 1936 St John's Wood, Middlesex Admin of the effects of Edith Florence, of 41 Circus Road, St John's Wood, Middlesex (wife of James Yeo) died 15/3/1936. Admin to the said James Yeo, retired Textile Merchant and Harold Elvery Yeo, Wholesale Textile Merchant. Effects 1831. 13s. 9d
Elizabeth Ann 1936 Iddesleigh, Devon Admin of the effects of Elizabeth Ann Yeo of the Village, Iddesleigh, Winkleigh, Devon, (wife of Leon Thomas Yeo) died 18th May, 1936. Admin to the said Leon Thomas Yeo, Labourer. Effects 119. 16s 3d
Emma 1936 Wimbledon, Surrey Will of Emma Yeo of 33, Nelson Road, Wimbledon, Surrey, spinster, died 14th April 1936. Probate to Ernest William Kingdon, Railway Guard. Effects 503. 3s. 1d
Erwin Henry 1936 Orpington, Kent Will of Erwin Henry Yeo of 16, Elm Grove, Orpington, Kent died 21st March, 1936. Probate to Barclays Bank Ltd. Effects 5120. 4s
Fanny 1936 Lyneham, Wilts Admin of the effects of Fanny Yeo of The Banks, Lyneham, Wiltshire, widow, died 24th April 1936. Admin granted to Edward James Yeo, Wheelwright. Effects 25. 8s. 10d
Francis Oliver 1936 Northcott, Devon Admin of the effects of Francis Oliver Yeo of Northcott Hamlet, Devon, died 17th July 1936 at Boyton Bridge, Boyton, Cornwall. Admin granted to Mary Ann Yeo and Kezia Jane Sangwin, widows. Effects 1284. 11s. 1d
Frank Cory 1936 Putney, Surrey Will of Frank Cory Yeo of Oakdene, Chartfield Avenue, Putney, Surrey died 28th December, 1935. Admin to Frank Ash Yeo of no occupation. 1179. 1s. 3d
George William 1936 London Admin of the effects of George William Yeo of 20, Harp Lane, Great Tower Street, London died 17th February, 1936. Admin granted to Florence Etty Yeo, widow. Effects 212. 0s. 3d
Annie 1937 Southsea, Portsmouth Will of Annie Yeo of 3 Old Bridge, Southsea, Portsmouth, widow, died 10 January, 1937 at 17 Bembridge Crescent, Portsmouth. Probate granted to Moritz Rochwell Yeo, lieutenant colonel,H.M. Army and Flora Irma Yeo (wife of the said Moritz Rochwell Yeo). Effects 6618. 3s.2d
Drusilla 1937 Taunton, Somerset Will of Drusilla Yeo of 2 Flook Terrace, Staplegrove Road, Taunton, widow, died 30 March 1937 at Box, Wiltshire. Probate granted to Charles Henry Denman, civil servant. Effects 2019. 11s. 4d
Ellen 1937 Northlew, Devon Admin of the effects of Ellen of L9oveland Farm, Northlew, Devonshire, spinster died 8 September, 1937 granted to Annie Sandford (wife of Mark Sandford) and Leon Thomas Yeo, labourer. Effects 1559. 14s 8d
Frank Russell 1937 Thurlestone, Devon Will of Frank Russell Yeo of The Ole Rectory, Thurlstone, Devon died 16 November, 1936. Probate to Evelyn Mary Yeo widow, William Edwin Beckly, company director, Isaac Foot, solicitor and Colin John Russell Yeo, second lieutenant, H.M. Army. Effects 290,069. 15s 7d
George Samuel 1937 Paignton, Devon Admin of the effects of George Samuel Yeo of 48 Maidenway Road, Paignton, Devon died 17 December, 1936 to Sarah Ellen Yeo, widow. Effects 134. 14s. 4d
Harriet 1937 Cross Keys, Monmouthshire Admin of the effects of Harriet Yeo, of 15 Medart Place, Cross Keys, Monmouthshire, widow died 8 April 1937 granted to Annie Morgan (wife of Harold Morgan). Effects 427 18s 5d
Henry 1937 Cheltenham, Glos Admin of the effects of Henry Yeo of 35 Hewlett Road, Cheltenham died 13 August 1937 at Cassington by Pass, Cheltenham granted to Clara Yeo, widow. Effects 334. 3s. 3d
James 1937 Llangw, Pembrokeshire Admin of the effects of James Yeo of Troopers Inn, Llangw, Pembrokeshire, died 29 August, 1937 granted to Richard George Yeo, farmer. Effects 515. 10s
Mary Ann 1937 Northcott, Devon Will of Mary Ann Yeo of Northcott Hamlet, Devon, widow, died 10 January, 1937 at Hele St. St Giles in the Heath, Devon. Probate granted to Arnold Smith and Albert Rowe, yeomen. Effects 1419. 11s. 10d
Mary Ann 1937 Braunton, Devon Will of Mary Ann Yeo of South Lea, Braunton, Devon, widow died 19 April, 1937. Probate granted to Thomas Dunn, farmer and William Edwin Pitts Tucker, solicitor. Effects 1748. 10s 11d
Mary Elizabeth Harvey 1937 South Tawton, Devon Admin of the effects of Mary Elizabeth Harvey of Ellacombe House, South Zeal, South Tawton, Devon. (wife of James Yeo) died 13 July, 1937 granted to the said James Yeo, collector of taxes. Effects 804. 13s. 6d
Richard 1937 Fleur de Lis, Monmouthshire Will of Richard Yeo of 15, Vuctoria Road, Fleur de Lis, Monmouthshire, died 5 December, 1936. Probate to William Albert Yeo, grocer and William Samuel Nash, gentleman. Effects 2169. 4s. 3d
William Beater 1937 Bittaford, Devon Admin of the effects of William Beator Yeo of the Plymouth Mental Hospital, Bittaford, Devon died 24 October, 1936 to Frederick Jackson Yeo, retired merchant. Effects 784. 7s. 6d.
William Samuel 1937 Ilford, Essex Admin of the effects of William Samuel Yeo of 82 Stainforth Road, Ilford, Essex died 5 June 1937 granted to Lilian Maud Yeo, widow. Effects 587. 18s 8d
Adeline 1938 Okehampton, Devon Will of Adeline Yeo of Elmcote, Kemply Road, Okehampton, Devon, widow died 3 September, 1938. Probate to William John Quance Yeo, local government clerk and John Jehu Newcombe, solicitor. Effects 3700. 15s. 2d
Eliza Mary 1938 Ilford, Essex Will of Eliza Mary Yeo of 40 Freemantle Road, Barkingside, Ilford, Essex, widow, died 27 February, 1938 at Orsett Lodge, Orsett, Thurrock, Essex. Probate granted to Frank William Bailey, solicitors Clerk. Effects 153. 15s 10d
Esther Ann 1938 Exmouth, Devon Will of Esther Ann Yeo of 28 Lyndhurst Road, Exmouth, Devon, spinster died 11 May 1938. Probate to Edwin Donald Harris White, local government official and Emma Blas, spinster. Effects 3365. 7s. 10d
Florence Abigail 1938 Hampstead, London Will of Florence Abigail Yeo of 21 Broadhurst Gardens, London, N.W.6, widow died 17 March 1938 at 32 Glenloch Road, Hampstead, London. Probate to Harry Charles William Fuller, company director. Effects 6784. 15s. 6d
George Mervyn 1938 Bude, Cornwall Admin of the effects of George Mervyn Yeo of The Edgcumbe Hotel, Bude, Cornwall died 14 May, 1938 granted to Walter George Yeo, hotel proprietor. Effects 306. 4s. 11d
Helen 1938 Ilford, Essex Will of Helen Yeo of 79 Kingston Road, Ilford, Essex, widow died 21 February, 1938 granted to Alfred James Yeo, rating officer and Eva Helen Yeo, spinster. Effects 488. 15s. 1d
Henry Robert 1938 Compton Giffard, Devon Will of Henry Robert Yeo of 5 Collings Park Villas, Compton Gifford, Devon, died 28 December, 1937. Probate to Winifred Ives, widow. Effects 3283. 13s. 5d
Herbert William 1938 Barnstaple, Devon Will of Herbert William Yeo of 8 Clinton Terrace, Barnstaple, Devon, died 12 September, 1938. Probate to Harriet Florence Yeo, widow. Effects 200. 5s. 1d
James 1938 South Tawton, Devon Will of James Yeo of Ellacombe House, South Zeal, South Tawton, Devon, died 13 March, 1938. Probate to Mary Ann Pike (wife of William Charles Pike) and Leonard James Hallett, solicitor. Effects 1569. 15s
Leonard Robert 1938 Southgate, London Admin of the effects of Leonard Robert Yeo of 3 Oakwood Avenue, Southgate, Middlesex, died 5 March 1938 at Vicars Moor Lane, Southgate granted to Elizabeth Frances Yeo, widow. Effects 426
Margaret 1938 Swansea, S. Wales Admin of the effects of Margaret Yeo of 143, Llangyfelach Road, Bryhyfryd, Swansea, (wife of John Blackmore Yeo) died 19 March, 1937. Granted to the said John Blackmore Yeo, butcher. Effects 120
Mary Louisa 1938 Barnstaple, Devon Will of Mary Louisa Yeo of Old Sticklepath Hill, Barnstaple, Devon, spinster, died 19 December, 1937. Probate to Frederick John Ratcliffe, provision merchant. Effects 5609. 17s
Sarah Ann Louisa 1938 Hounslow, Middlesex Admin of the effects of Sarah Ann Louisa Yeo of 35 Lyncroft Gardens, Hounslow, Middlesex, Spinster died 10 September, 1938 granted to Harry Leworthy Yeo, civil servant. Effects 150. 9s. 1d
Arthur John 1939 Teddington, Middlesex Will of Arthur John Yeo of Westcott, 98 Fairfax Road, Teddington, Middlesex died 3 May 1939. Probate to Barclay Bank Limited. Effects 6856 0s 6d Resworn 7008. 7s 7d
Emily 1939 Plymouth, Devon Will of Emily Yeo of 10 Ansty Place, Plymouth, spinster, died 25 May, 1939. Probate to John Henry Pethybridge, solicitor. Effects 608. 1s. 3d
Florence Louise 1939 Seven Kings, Essex Will of Florence Louise Yeo of 31 Ladysmith Avenue, Seven Kings, Essex, wife of William Henry Yeo, died 23 May, 1939. Probate to the said William Henry Yeo retired civil servant. Effects 688. 5s. 5d
George Henry 1939 Fleetwood, Lancashire Will of George Henry Yeo of 84, Agnew Road, Fleetwood, Liverpool, Lancashire, died 14 May 1939 at the Royal infirmary, Liverpool. Probate to James Atherton, schoolmaster and Bertram Tailby, company secretary. Effects 996. 4s. 10d
Helena 1939 Southsea, Portsmouth Will of Helena Yeo of 107, Haslemere Road, Southsea, Portsmouth, (wife of William Thomas Yeo) died 3 January 1939. Probate to the said William Thomas Yeo, retired fitter. Effects 134. 17s. 6d
Henrietta 1939 Enfield, Middlesex Will of Henrietta Yeo of 182, Green Street, Brimsdown, Enfield, Middlesex, spinster, died 4 September, 1939 at North Middlesex Hospital, Edmonton, Middlesex. Probate to Nellie Yeo, spinster. Effects 260
Nora Ann 1939 Torquay, Devon Will of Nora Ann Yeo of Floral Villa, Sherwell Lane, Chelston, Torquay, widow, died 13 April, 1939. Probate to Alfred John Chalke, plumber and Daisy Ethel Chalke (wife of the said Alfred John Chalke). Effects 536. 11s. 2d.
Richard 1939 Bideford, Devon Will of Richard Yeo of 5 Lansdown Terrace, Bideford, Devon, died 5 April, 1939. Probate to Ethel Radclift, widow. Effects 687 11s 2d
Richard Edward 1939 Plymouth, Devon Will of Richard Edward Yeo of Homeleigh, 22 Compton Park Road, Plymouth died 10 May, 1939. Probate to Dorothy Gertrude Finch (wife of Clifford Finch). Effects 226. 4s
Susan 1939 Exeter, Devon Admin of the effects of Susan Yeo of 30 Danes Road, Exeter, wife of James Yeo, died 1 June 1939 granted to the said James Yeo, retired railwayman.
William Frederick 1939 Bournemouth, Hants Admin of the effects of William Frederick Yeo of 16 Seaward Avenue, West Southbourne, Bournemouth died 18 June 1939 to Emma Louisa Yeo, widow. Effects 117. 10s
Albert Ernest 1940 Exeter, Devon Admin of the effects of Albert Ernest Yeo of 50 East Grove Road, Exeter, died 5 January, 1940 granted to Leslie George Yeo, carpenter. Effects 681
Albert Henry 1940 Southville, Bristol Admin of the effects of 93 Stackpool Raod, Southville, Bristol died 6 January 1940 to Nora Kathleen Yeo, widow. Effects 522
Diana Canning 1940 Plymouth, Devon Admin of the effects of Diane Canning Yeo of 57 Peverell Park Road, Plymouth, spinster, died 25 May, 1940 to Frederick Jackson Yeo, retired engineer. Effects 481. 10s. 3d. Resworn 500 15s 3d
Edmund Leighton 1940 London W 8 Will of Edward Leighton Yeo of 43 Pembroke Square, London W.8. Died 12 September, 1940 at St Mary Abbotts Hospital, Kensington, London. Probate to Mary Yeo, widow. Effects 562 2s 4d
Emily 1940 Barnstaple, Devon Will of Emily Teo of 7 Warwick Terrace, Yeo Vale, Barnstaple, Devon, spinster died 21 June, 1940. Probate to Harriet Florence Yeo, widow. Effects 287 5s 2d
Emma 1940 Tiptree, Essex Will of Emma Yeo of Woodlands Chapel Road, Tiptree, Essex, widow died 14 February, 1940. Probate to Arthur William Barber, retired licensed victualler and Caroline Ellis (wife of Charles Thomas Ellis) Effects 2430 10s 3d
Emma Bowhay 1940 Devonport, Devon Will of Emma Bowhay Yeo of 6 Willes Street, Devonport, wife of Ernest Charles Yeo, died 29 July 1940 at East Crowndale, Tavistock, Devon. Probate to Ernest Charles Yeo (the younger), ordained deacon C of E. Effects 455. 8s. 5d
Emma 1940 Washford, Somerset Will of Emma Georgina otherwise Emily Georgina of Billbrook Housem Washford, Somerset, spinster, died 26 June, 1940. Probate to Guy Richard Pedder, captain H.M. army and Lettice Sylvia Pedder (wife of Guy Richard Pedder). Effects 642. 11s 7d
George 1940 Braunton, Devon Will of George Yeo of Knowle, Braunton, Devon died 27 April, 1940. Probate to William John Yeo, Frederick Yeo and Frederick Hopkins, farmers. Effects 6322. 6s. 6d
James 1940 St Johns Wood, London Will of James Yeo of 41, Circus Road, St Johns Wood, London, died 6 August 1940 at 30 Watford Road, Radlett, Hertfordshire. Probate to Harold Elvery Yeo, major H.M. army and Edgar Leslie Yeo, lieutenant H.M. army Effects 65,294. 8s. 2d
Victoria Mary 1940 Milton Damerel, Devon Will of Victoria Mary Yeo of Venn Green, Milton Damerel, Devonshire, widow died 22 May, 1940 at the Prince of Wales Hospital, Plymouth. Probate to Ada Agnes Yeo, spinster. Effects 1482 14s 2d.
William 1940 Bampton, Devon Will of William Yeo of 3 New Buildings, Bampton, Devon, died 26 March 1940. Probate to Fanny Dyer (wife of Herbert Henry Dyer). Effects 231. 13s. 6d
Clara Adeline 1941 Exeter, Devon Will of Clara Adeline Yeo of 47 St Johns Road, Exeter, spinster, died 19 March 1941. Prbate granted to National Provincial Bank Limited and George Frederick Orchard and Reginald Francis Beardow, solicitors. Effects 7906 4s 10d
Ellen Elizabeth 1941 Stoke Bishop, Bristol Will of Ellen Elizabeth Yeo of 21 Elmlea Avenue, Stoke Bishop, Bristol, spinster died 14 April 1941 at Southmead Hospital, Bristol, granted to William Yeo, blacksmith, Effects 449. 3s. 9d
Ethel Mary 1941 St Thomas, Exeter, Devon Will of Ethel Mary Yeo of 29 Church Road, St Thomas, Exeter (wife of Alfred James Yeo) died 7 January, 1941, probate granted to Winifred Mary Yeo, spinster. Effects 718. 2s. 3d
Francis Richard 1941 Marylebone, London Will of Francis Richard Yeo of 21 Carburton Street, Marylebone, Lndon, died 1 February, 1941 at St Mary Abbots Hospital, 28 Marloes Road, Kensington, London, W8. Probate granted to Francis Yeo, dental mechanic and Blanche Clark(wife of William Clark) Effects 838. 0s. 5d)
George 1941 Yatton, Somerset Will of George Yeo of Springfield Claverham, Yatton, Somersetshire, died 7 April, 1941, Probate granted to Elizabeth Matilda Yeo, widow. Effects 2165. 19s. 8d
George Christopher 1941 Prestbury, Gloucestershire Will of George Christopher Yeo of Cleene Corner, Prestbury, Gloucestershire, died 29 December, 1940. Probate ganted to the Reverend John Haydon Yeo, clerk and Dorothy Tippett, widow. Effects 7214. 6s 5d
George Ernest 1941 Ashburton, Devonshire Admin of the effects of George Ernest Yeo of St Andrews Close, West Street, Ashburton, died 13 August, 1940 at The County Mental Hospital, Exminster, granted to Albert Winsor Yeo, methodist minister. Effects 399. 8s
Gertrude Lucy 1941 Maesycwmmer, Monmouthshire Will of Gertrude Lucy Yeo of Knoll House, Gellihaf Maesycwmmer, Monmouthshire, (wife of William Albert Yeo, grocer, probate granted to said William Albert Yeo, grocer and William Samuel Nash, retired grocer. Effects 1107. 18s 8d
Harriett Florence 1941 Bishops Tawton, Devon Will of Harriet Florence Yeo of 4 The Thatches, Bishops Tawton, Devonshire, widow died 16 August, 1941. Probate granted to James Yeo, deputy branch manager
John 1941 Branaton, Devon Will of John Yeo of 10 Church Street, Branaton, Devonshire, died 10 April, 1941. Probate granted to William John Yeo, farmer, Effects 235. 13s. 6d
John 1941 Bideford, Devon Will of John Yeo of Rosemead, North Down Road, Bideford, Devon, died 1 June, 1941. Probate granted to William Finnamore Glover, mason and William Pope, company director. Effects 83. 9s
Lucy 1941 Kennford, Exeter, Devon Will of Lucy Yeo of Haldon View, Kennford, Exeter, widow, died 27 August, 1940. Probate granted to Frederick John Rich, retired factory superintendent. Effects 607. 5s. 3d
Margaret Dorothy 1941 Harpenden, Hertfordshire Will of Margaret Dorothy Yeo of St Dominics Convent, Southdown Road, Harpenden, Hertfordshire, widow died 12 May, 1941 at Hillingdon Court, Uxbridge, Middlesex. Probate granted to Fitzroy Henry Francis Weigall, solicitor. Effects 4441. 1s. 10d. Resworn 5209. 4s 5d.
Samuel Thomas Percy 1941 Greenwich, Kent Will of Samuel Thomas Percy Yeo of 34 Maze Hill, Greenwich, Kent, died 15 March, 1941 at Miller General Hospital, Greenwich. Probate granted to Hilda Mary Yeo, widow
Sarah 1941 Wimbledon Park, Surrey Will of Sarah Yeo of 12 The Crescent, Wimbledon Park, Surrey, widow died 23 June, 1941 at Glenside Woodside, Wimbledon. Probate granted to Edith Irene Beryl Inkster, widow and Mildred Vera Yeo, spinster Effects 890. 5s. 11d
William 1941 Exbourne, Devon Will of William Yeo of Stone Farm, Exbourne, Devon, died 15 Feb, 1941. Probate granted to Mary Ann Pike (wife of William Charles Pike). Effects 480. 16s. 2d.
William Daniel 1941 Swindon, Wiltshire Will of William Daniel of 48, Eastcott Road, Swindon, Wiltshire, died 4 August, 1941. Probate granted to William James Rose, retired railway clerk. Effects 1260. 12s. 11d
William Thomas 1941 Bideford, Devon Will of William Thomas Yeo of the Hollies, Mine Road, East the Water, Bideford, Devon, died 6 February, 1941. Probate granted to Barclays Bank, Limited. Effects 1830. 4s. 2d
Ada Mary 1942 Exeter, Devon Will of Ada Mary of 16 Blackall Road, Exeter, spinster, died 26 April, 1942. Probate granted to National Privincial Bank, Limited and Olive Mary Goddard, married woman. Effects 1996. 13s. 8d
Alice Horridge 1942 Calstock, Cornwall Will of Alice Horridge of 9 Rosehill Terrace, Calstock, spinster, died 30 March, 1942. Probate granted to Richard Crawshaw, company director Effects 1659. 8s. 5d
Cecil James 1942 Radlett, Hertfordshire Will of Cecil James of 30 Watford Road, Radlett, Hertfordshire and of care of Lloyds Bank, Ltd, 6 Pall Mall, London, S.W.1 died 2 July, 1942 at Leavesden Emergency Hospital, Watford, Hertfordhire. Probate granted to Lloyds Bank Limited. Effects 8529. 15s. 8d
Charles Sidney 1942 Crosby, Liverpool Admin of the effects of Charles Sidney Yeo of 19, Moor Lane, Crosby near Liverpool died 14 November, 1941 at Walton Hospital, Walton, granted to Margery Yeo, widow. Effects 118. 15s. 3d
Crispin 1942 Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester Will of Crispin Yeo of 100, St Werburghs Road, Chorlton cum Hardy, Manchester, died 19 June, 1942. Probate granted to Ray Yeo, widow. Effects 1249. 1s. 4d
Edith Louisa 1942 Brighton, Sussex Admin of the effects of Edith Louisa of 23 Montreal Road, Brighton (wife of John Yeo), died 23 March, 1930, granted to the said John Yeo, retired painter.
Ellen 1942 Swimbridge, Devon Admin of the effects of Ellen Yeo of Church Cottage, Swimbridge, Devon (wife of James Yeo), died 1 February, 1942, granted to said James Yeo, labourer. Effects 131. 18s
George 1942 Stourbridge, Worcestershire Will of George Yeo of 1, Beale Street, Longlands, Stourbridge, Worcestershire, died 19 January, 1942 at 12a Birmingham Road, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, granted to George Spencer Yeo, schoolmaster. Effects 1901. 5s 2d
Henry Reginald 1942 Cheltenham, Gloucs Will of the reverend Henry Reginal Yeo of Wingfield, Western Road, Cheltenham, clerk, died 28 January, 1942 in St Georges Road, Cheltenham, probate granted to Georgina Dorothea Yeo, widow. Effects 2790. 11s. 2d
James Henry 1942 Battle, Sussex Will of James Henry Yeo of Arran Saxon, Wood Road, Battle, Sussex died 19 uly, 1942. Probate granted to Florence Phoebe Sophie Yeo, widow. Effects 2182. 18s. 4d. Resworn 3266. 17s. 8d
Mary Margaret 1942 Swimbridge, Devon Admin of the effects of Mary Margaret Yeo of Yeocot, Swimbridge, Devon, spinster, died 18 October, 1942 at the North Devonshire Ifirmary, Barnstaple, granted to Eliza Shapland Hoile, (wife of George Henry Hoile) Effects 2151 7s 10d. Resworn 2051 7s 10d
Phyllis 1942 Exeter, Devon Admin of the effects of Phyllis Yeo of 3 Connaught Terrace, Union Road, Exeter, (wife of Courtney Cyril Yeo), died 24 October, 1941 granted to the said Courtney Cyril Yeo, chartered accountant. Effects 94. 17s. 7d. Resworn 589. 17s. 7d
Walter Herbert 1942 Bridgewater, Somerset Admin of the effects of Walter Herbert Yeo of Rose Cottage, Moorland near Bridgewater, Somersetshire, died 15 Jan, 1942 granted to Dorothy Nellie Murlis Yeo, widow. Effects 448. 9s. 7d
William David 1942 Brighton, Sussex Admin of the effects of William David Yeo of Graystoke, Ditchling Road, Brighton, died 26 November, 1941 on war service, granted to Joyce Muriel Edith Yeo, widow. Effects 316. 14s. 2d
William Frederick 1942 Gays, Essex Admin of the effects of William Frederick Yeo of 14 Allenby Crescent, Grays, Essex, died 26 September, 1942 at the Isolation Hospital, Stifford, Longlane, Grays granted to Margaret Ann Yeo, widow. Effects 867. 5s. 1d
Elias 1943 Camborne, Cornwall Will of Elias Yeo of 13, William Street, Camborne, Cornwall died 4 March, 1936. Probate to Albert James Hendra, estate agent - Effects 203 5s
Alice 1943 Exeter, Devon Admin of the effects of Alice Yeo of 17, Toronto Road, Exeter, widow, died 14 July 1936. Probate granted to Frederick Thomas Yeo, farm bailiff
Henrietta 1943 Exmouth, Devon Will of Henrietta Charlotte otherwise Henietta Charlotte of 30 Egremont Road, Exmouth, Devon, widow died 22 April, 1943 at 40 Lyndhurst Road, Exmouth. Probate granted to Harry Yeo, carpenter. Effects 593 7s
James 1943 Norwood, London Admin of the effects of James Yeo of 491 Norwod Road, West Norwood, London, died 6 November, 1942, granted to Alexander Montague Yeo, war reserve police officer. Effects 514. 17s. 2d
Kate 1943 Ealing, London Admin of the effects of Kate Yeo of 55 Manton Avenue, Hanwell, Ealing, London, W7 (wife of Willson Yeo) died 1 December, 1939, granted to the said Willson Yeo, contractors clerk - effects 347. 8s. 4d
Levi 1943 Cross Keys, Monmouthshire Admin of the effects of Levi Yeo of 58 Risca Road, Cross eys, Monmouthshire, died 7 May, 1943 at Royal Gwent Hospital, Newport, Monmouthshire, granted to Rose Yeo, widow Effects 296 3s 4d
Sheila 1943 Blackheath, London Will of Sheila Yeo of Lundsey House, Lloyds Place, Blackheath, London, wife of Kenneth John Yeo, died 21 November, 1942. Probate granted to said Kenneth John Yeo, medical practitioner. Effects 3072. 7s
Thomas 1943 Cardiff, S. Wales Admin of the effects of Thoas Yeo of 7, Denton Road, Canton, Cardiff died 13 April, 1943 at Llandough Hospital, Penarth, Glamorganshire, granted to Annie Bennett (wife of Frederick Bennett), effects 190. 11s. 11d
William Richard 1943 Southall, Middlesex Will of William Richard Yeo of 119, West End Road, Southall, Middlesex, died 15, February, 1943 at Hillingdon County Hospital, Middlesex, granted to William Yeo, builders clerk, Effects 2733. 18s 11d

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