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1907 - 1917

Chr. Name
Place Details
Charles Oldham 1907 Kexley, Yorks Admin of the effects of the Reverend Charles Oldham Yeo of Kexley, Yorkshire, clerk,, died 3 Jan 1907, granted to Robert Frederick Yeo, retired fleet surgeon. Effects 143
Emma 1907 Sutton, Surrey Will of Emma Yeo of Chalgrove Cottage, Albert Road, Sutton, Surrey, w/o Henry Canning Yeo, died 3 December, 1906, probate granted to Henry Canning Yeo, merchant. Effects 1092. 11s. 7d
Emma 1907 Paddington, London The will of Emma Yeo, of 27, Edbrooke Road, Paddington, widow, died 6 August, 1907, probate granted to Henry Yeo, shorthand writer. Effects 530
Lavinia Symonds 1907 Balham, Surrey Admin of the effects of Lavinia Symonds Yeo of 72, Putney Road, Balham, Surrey, w/o Thomas John Yeo, died 24 May, 1905 at Plymouth to said Thomas John Yeo, schoolmaster. Effects 388
Mary Emma 1907 Plymouth Will of Mary Emma Yeo of 19, Carfrae Terrace, Plymouth w/o John Hart Yeo, died 11 January, 1907, probate granted to Frederick Ralph Yeo, commercial traveller. Effects 333
Matilda 1907 Torquay Will of Matilda Yeo of Winterthorpe Road, Torquay, w/o Richard Fletcher Yeo, died 3 September,1907. Probate granted to the Reverend Albert Winsor Yeo, Wesleyan Minister & Richard Louis Yeo, builder. Effects 986
William 1907 Chapmanswell, Devon Will of William Yeo of Chapmanswell, St Giles, Devon, died 20 February, 1907, probate granted to Mary Ann Yeo, widow and Thomas and Joseph Yeo, farmers. Effects 702
Barnabus 1908 East Balsdon, Whitestone Admin of the effects of Barnabus Yeo of East Balsdon, Whitestone, Cornwall died 9 December, 1907 to Sarah James Yeo widow. Effects 901. 6s. 7d
Caroline 1908 Plymouth Will of Caroline Yeo of 48, Baring Street, Plymouth, widow, died 11 November, 1908. Probate granted to Caroline Leathlean Yeo, spinster effects 89. 14s. 4d
Elizabeth Ann 1908 Devonport Will of Elizabeth Ann Yeo of 21, Duke Street, Devonport, Devon, widow, died 2 November, 1908, probate granted to George Tozer, printer. Effects 73. 7s. 10d
John 1908 Taunton Will of John Yeo of Flook Terrace, Taunton, died 5 February, 1908, probate to Drusilla Yeo, widow, effects 3,013. 12s. 5d
John Thomas 1908 Bermondsey Will of John Thomas Yeo of 29, Pages Walk, Bermondsey, Surrey, died 21 February, 1908, probate granted to Mary Ann Yeo, widow. Effects 97
Louisa Diana 1908 Hampstead, London Will of Louisa Diana Yeo of 48, Belsize Road, S. Hampstead, Middx, widow, died 20 July, 1908 at Nursing Home, probate granted to William Richard Yeo, builder's clerk & Leonard Allen Benton, solicitor.
Mary Ann 1908 Barnstaple Will of Mary Ann Yeo of Barnstaple, widow, died 10 January, 1908, probate granted to Thomas Gay, retired postman & John Warren, accountant.
Betsey 1909 Barnstaple Admin of the effects of Betsy Yeo of 121, Boutport Street, Barnstaple, widow, died 17 December, 1908 to Herbert William Yeo, gas company clerk. Effects 46. 9s. 10d
Elizabeth 1909 Stratton, Cornwall Admin of the effects of Elizabeth Yeo, of Market Street, Stratton, Cornwall, widow, died 23 April, 1907, to Mary Jane Yeo, spinster. Effects 4. 12s
Emma Matilda 1909 Stonehouse, Gloucestershire Admin of the effects of Emma Matilda Yeo of Stonehouse, Glos, widow, died 1 July, 1902, to Frank Gardener Yeo, cloth manufacturer. Effects 50. 6s. 3d
Gerald Francis 1909 Harbertonford, Devon Will of Gerald Francis Yeo of Austin Close, Harbertonford, Devon, died 1 May, 1909 to William Norman Tod and Norman Pringle Tod, esq. Effects 52,407. 2s Resubmitted 52,600. 2s
Helen Elizabeth 1909 Saffron Walden, Essex Will of Helen Elizabeth Yeo of Myddylton Place, Saffron Walden, Essex, widow, died 31 March, 1907, probate granted to John James Yeo, ironmonger & Frances Anne Slack, spinster. Effects 847. 5s. 8d
Henry 1909 Roath, Cardiff Admin of the effects of Henry Yeo, the elder, of 78, Inverness Place, Roath, Cardiff, died 22 December, 1908, to Henry Yeo, railway guard, effects 99. 19s. 5d
Mary Ann 1909 Everton, Liverpool Will of MaryAnn Yeo of 6, Apollo Street, Everton, Liverpool, widow died 27 November, 1908, probate granted to William Yeo, Assurance Company Superintendant. Effects 168. 10s. 9d
Ann 1910 Bude, Cornwall Admin of the efects of Ann Yeo, of 2, Falcon Terrace, Bude, Cornwall, spinster, died 5 March, 1910, to James Yeo, cabmaker. Effects 179. 13s. 10d
James Henry 1910 Finchley, Middlesex Will of James Henry Yeo of Liberia, Clifton Road, Church End, Finchly, Middx. Died 22 November, 1910, probate to Ellen Jemma Yeo, widow. Effects 1301. 4s 9d
James William 1910 Lambeth, Surrey Will of James William Yeo of 8, Wilcox Road, Lambeth, Surrey, died 1 December, 1910. Probate granted to James William Yeo, bootmaker & Alfred Smithcarp. Effects 2,758. 5s. 4d
John 1910 Wavertree, Liverpool Will of John Yeo of Salisbury Road, Wavertree, Liverpool, retired master mariner, died 20 March, 1910. Probate to Jane Yeo, widow & John Henry Arthur Yeo. Effects 594. 3s. 1d.
Mary Dawson 1910 Kensington,London Will of Mary Dawson Yeo of 11, Sutherland House, Kensington, widow, died 18 September, 1910 at Mermaid Hotel, Oystermouth, Glamorgan. Probate granted to John Arthur Ash Yeo, gent & Elizabeth Jane Yeo, spinster. Effects 54,261. 5s 8d
William 1910 Bude, Cornwall Will of William Yeo of Madiera, 7, Summerleaze Crescent, Bude, Cornwall, died 30 January, 1910. Probate granted to Ellen Yeo, widow. Effects 3,977. 2s 7d
Albert 1911 Bristol Admin of the effects of of Albert Yeo of 185, Gloucester Road, Bishopton, Bristol, greengrocer, granted to Emily Jane Yeo, widow. Effects 456. 9s 4d.
Elizabeth 1911 Swallowfield, Berks Will of Elizabeth Yeo of Swallowfield, Berks, w/o William Yeo, died 28 January, 1911. Probate granted to William Yeo, carpenter & Samuel Smith, warder. Effects 628. 5s. 9d
Gwenlian 1911 Swansea, Glamorgan Admin of the effects of Gwenlian Yeo of 2, Fabian Street, St Thomas, Swansea, w/o Robert Yeo, died 22 February, 1911, to Robert Yeo, butcher. Effects 150. 7s
Henry Hearder 1911 Plymouth Will of Henry Hearder Yeo of 17, Portland Square, Plymouth, retired sail cloth manufacturer, died 12 September, 1896 at Blackdaw, probate granted to George Hearder Yeo, commercial traveller. Effects 5
John 1911 Blackheath, Kent Will of John Yeo of 17, Hardy Road, Blackheath, Kent, died 2 May, 191ll at Bella Vista Hotel, Funchal, Madiera. Probate to Annie Yeo, widow. Effects 996. 15s
Mary Jane 1911 Jacobstowe, Devon Will of Mary Jane Yeo of the Mills, Jacobstowe, Devon, w/o William died 1 April, 1911, probate granted to said William Muler. Effects 114. 10s
Henry 1912 Exeter St Thomas Will of Henry Yeo of 1, Fairport, Magdalene Road, Exeter, died 30 September, 1912, probate granted to Margaret Haie Yeo
John Cole 1912 Yass, NSW, Australia Will of John Cole Yeo of Holsworthy, Rossi Street, Yass, NSW died 9 May, 1898, probate to William Penhale, attention of Mary Kirk Yeo, widow. Effects 160. 14s. 2d
John Henry 1912 Transvaal, South Africa Admin of the effects of John Henry Yeo of Transvaal, South Africa, died 3 June, 1912, granted to John James Yeo, farmer.
Philip Thomas 1912 Bideford Will of Philip Thomas Yeo of Ivydene, Abbotsham Road, Bidiford, retired oilman, died 20 November, 1912. Probate granted to Emma Yeo, widow. Effects 478. 3s. 6d
Sarah 1912 Chichester, Sussex Will of Sarah Yeo of Hunston, Chichester, widow, died 3 February, 1912. Probate granted to Elizabeth Hucker Reddaway, w/o James Reddaway. Effects 160
Adelaide 1914 Newport, Monmouthshire Will of Adelaide Yeo of 13, Clyford Crescent, Newport, Monmouthshire, widow, died 16 September, 1914. Probate granted to Mary Ann Hughes & Henry Birch, Policy Officer. Effects 255. 5s
Augusta Frances 1914 Eastbourne, Sussex Will of Augusta Frances Yeo, of 43, Silverdale Road, Eastbourne, widow, died 11 December, 1913 at 19, Jevington Gardens, Eastbourne. Probate granted to Sandford Helsham Yeo, Lieutenant in the Army. Effects 255. 5s
David 1914 Swansea, Glamorgan Will ofDavid Yeo of 38, Fabian Street, St Thomas, Swansea, died 6 March, 1914, probate granted to Eliza Yeo, widow.
Emily 1914 Exeter Will of Emily Yeo of 47, St Johns Road, Exeter, wife of Henry Arthur Yeo, died 1 March, 1914, probate granted to said Henry Arthur Yeo, Station Master. Effects 3,549. 7s. 7d
Mary Ann 1914 Bermondsey, London Admin of the effects of Mary Ann Yeo of 29, Pages Walk, Bermondsey, Surrey, widow, died 27 May, 1914, to Robert Taulinson, warehouse porter. Effects 181. 13s. 3d
Samuel Speare 1914 Exeter Will of Samuel Speare Yeo of 5, Barton Terrace, Alphington Road, Exeter, died 17 May, 1914. Probate to Samuel Arthur Speare Yeo, Surveyor.
Thomas 1914 Exeter Will of Thomas Yeo of 4, Trinity Street, Exeter, retired police constable, died 2 October, 1914. Probate granted to Mary Yeo, widow and William Thomas Yeo, commission agent. Effects 322. 1s. 0d
William Henry 1914 Exmouth, Devon Admin of the effects of William Henry Yeo of St Michaels, Victoria Road, Exmouth, Devon, died 24 January, 1912, to Ellen Burd Yeo, widow. Effects 1323. 11s
George Hearder 1915 Bristol Will of George Hearder Yeo of 14, Claremont, Bishopton, Bristol, died 9 December, 1914. Probate to Grace Yeo. Effects 244. 10s
Helen Olivia 1915 Exminster, Devon Admin of the effects of Helen Olivia Yeo of Yeo's Farm, Exminster, Devon, spinster, died 29 September, 1915, to John James Yeo, farmer. Effects 178. 3s.
Isaac Burney 1914 Chiswick House, Middlesex Will of Isaac Burney Yeo of 8, Cadergan Place, Middx, died 20 November, 1914, at Chiswick House, Mddx, probate granted to Raymond Payne Crawford, Ralph Jeremy Beervor, esq, Walter Bansfield Westhead, member of the London Stock Exchange. Effects 95,618.
Jane 1915 Wavertree, Liverpool Will of Jane Yeo of 77, Salisbury Road, Wavertree, Liverpool, widow, died 26 March, 1915. Probate granted to John Henry Arthur Yeo, chemist. Effects 156. 18s. 8d
John James 1915 Honor Oak, Surrey Will of John James Yeo of 1, Therapia Road, Honor Oak, Surrey, died 1 January, 1915, probate granted to Ann Yeo, widow. Effects 5,150. 14s. 7d
Mary Ann 1915 Swimbridge Admin of the effects of MaryAnn Yeo of Swimbridge, w/o George Yeo, died 2 April, 1915, to said George Yeo, farmer. Effects 118. 11s. 2d
Richard 1915 Stoke Damerel Will of Richard Yeo of 2, Napier Street, Stoke Damerel, Devon, died 20 February, 1915, probate granted to Maria Yeo, widow. Effects 1444. 14s. 10d
Claud 1916 Stratton, Cornwall
Chief Petty Officer, R.N. died 31 May, 1916 at sea. Administration London 22 July to Harry Treble Yeo, accountant - Effects £571. 2s
Elizabeth 1916 Langwathby, Cumberland
wife of Joseph Yeo, died 2 May, 1916. Probate Carlisle 30 June to Edwin John Fairer, solicitor. Effects £68. 13s. 6d
Emma 1916 Eastwood, Inwardleigh
Of Eastwood, Inwardleigh, Devonshire spinster died 20 January 1916. Probate Exeter 11 March to Richard Yeo, retired farmer and William John Letheren Brock boot maker. Effects £512. 4s. 8d
Everard Lisle 1916 Wimbledon Park, London
Of 12 The Crescent, Wimbledon Park, Surrey, second lieutenant Machine Gun Corps died 7 October 1916 in France Administration London 2 December to Henry Yeo, solicitor's clerk. Effects £309. 10s. 7d
Joe 1916 Langwathy, Cumberlabd
Died 8 May 1916. Administration London, 20 July to Joseph Sewell Yeo sapper, R.E. Effects £13
John James 1916 West Norwood, Surrey
Of 15 the Broadway, West Norwood, Surrey, private 10th Royal Fusilers died 3 May 1916 in France. Administration (with will) London 27 June to Jessie Mary Elizabeth Yeo. (wife of James Yeo). Effects £293
Leslie Farquhar 1916 Trinity College Cambridge Leslie Farquhar Yeo, Lieutenant 2nd Battalion South Staffordshire Regiment formerly of Trinity College Cambridge in the County of Cambridge died on the 10th March, 1915 at the Frence Hospital, Bethune in France Effects £1,610 10s 2d
Sultana 1916 Crownhill, Plymouth Of the Gables, Crownhill, near Plymouth, (wife of Henry Robert Yeo), died 8 November 1915. Administration London 18 February to the said Henry Robert Yeo, retired photographer. Effects £3992. 4s. 4d
Thomas 1916 Fulham, Middlesex Of 18 Doneraile Street, Fulham Palace Road, Middlesex, died 21 February 1916. Probate London 6 March to Margaret Jane Lucy Marsh, Spinster. Effects £292
Thomas 1916 Wandsworth, Surrey Of 116 Melody Road, Wandsworth, Surrey died 10th May 1916. Probate London 6th June to Henrietta Yeo, spinster. Effects £2233. 15s. 1d
William 1916 Swallowfield, Berkshire Died 3rd November, 1915. Probate London 29th March to William Yeo and Thomas Yeo, carpenters. ffects £1711. 14s
Arthur Henry 1917 Calgary, Alberton, Canada Admin of the effects of Arhur Henry Yeo, of Sarcee Camp, Calgary, Alberton, Sergeant, died 10 August, 1916, to Henry Yeo, solicitor's clerk. Effects 107
Eliza Ann 1917 Milton Abbot, Devon Will of Eliza Ann Yeo of Foghanger House, Milton Abbot, died 1917, probate granted to Samuel Yeo, farmer.
Ellen Bird 1917 Exmouth, Devon Will of Ellen Bird Yeo of 85, Victoria Road, Exmouth, widow, died 18 June, 1917 at Exeter, probate granted to Mary Walters Pring w/o Arthur Pring.
Ellen Jane 1917 Strood, Gloucestershire Admin of the effects of Ellen Jane Yeo of Stroud, Glos, w/o Henry Brook Yeo, died 18 May, 1917, to Henry Brooks Yeo, civil servant. Effects 1,0005
Everard Lisle 1917 Wimbledon Park, Surrey Admin of the effects of Everard Lisle Yeo of 12, The Cresecent, Wimbledon Park, Surrey, Second Lieutenant in MGC, died 7 October, 1916, in France, to Henry Yeo, solicitor's clerk. Effects 354. 2s
Florence 1917 Southampton, Hants Will of Florence Yeo of 1, Albin Terrace, Southampton, w/o Henry Gerald Yeo, died 10 September, 1917. Probate granted to William Sunnersm yacht builder. Effects 425
Frank 1917 St Veep, Cornwall Admin of the effects of Frank Yeo of St Veep, farmer, died 25 December, 1916 to Elizabeth Yeo, widow. Effects 639
Frederick 1917 Bournemouth Will of Frederick Yeo, of 14, Westover Road, Bournemouth, gent, died 11 February, 1917, to Sarah Eliza Yeo, widow. Effects 456
George 1917 Pilton, Barnstaple, Devon Admin of the effects of George Yeo of Park Cottage, Pilton, Barnstaple, died 14 January, 1917, to Elizabeth Yeo, widow. Effects 149
Sydney Thomas 1917 Plumstead, Kent Will of Sydney Thomas Yeo of 85, Plumstead, Kent, L/Corporal, 20th London Reg., died 19 September, 1916 in France. Admin/Will, probate granted to Thomas John Yeo, schoolmaster. Effects 46.
Thomas 1917 Bodmin, Cornwall Will of Thomas Yeo of St Leonard, Bodmin, retired horse dealer, died 17 November, 1917. Probate granted to William Henry Yeo, horse dealer. Effects 4,248

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