Descendants of Joseph Yeo & Sarah Thomas
Of Bedminster, Somerset

Carole's tree

Direct Descendants of Joseph Yeo

    1          Joseph Yeo  1811 - 1871
..      +Sarah Thomas    1807 -
... 2          Joseph Yeo  1836 - 1908
.......         +Ellen Johnson   1852 -
.........       3      James Yeo    1891 -
.............       +Alice Williams   
..............  4      James R Yeo    1921 -
..................                  +Ms Bond            
....................    5          Carole P Yeo  1945 -
Generation No. 1
        1.  Joseph17 Yeo  (Joseph16, Joseph15, Joseph14, Robert13, Robert12, William11, William10, John9, Robert8, John7, Nicholas6 Yeo, William5, John4, Robert3, Robert2, William1) was born 1811 in Bedminster, and died December 1871 in Bristol.  He married Sarah Thomas 18 April 1841 in North Petherton.  She was born 1807 in Bedminster.
Notes for Joseph Yeo:
When they married Joseph and Sarah were living in North Petherton.  Joseph's father was Joseph Yeo, a mason and Sarah's father was Thomas Thomas, a cordwainer,
Joseph was a cordwainer
In 1851 Joseph and family were living at 78, Prince Street, Bedminster
Joseph Yeo        H     40        Mason        Bristol, Bedminster
Sarah Yeo        W    44                   Bristol Bedminster
Joseph Yeo        S     15                    Bristol Bedminster
Mary Ann Yeo        D     12                    Bristol Bedminster
John Yeo                        S     8                      Bristol Bedminster
George Yeo        S     6                      Bristol Bedminster
James Yeo        S     3                      Bristol Bedminsterkk
Children of Joseph Yeo and Sarah Thomas are:
+     2              i.  Joseph18 Yeo, born 1836 in Bedminster; died March 1908 in Bristol.
       3             ii.  Mary Ann Yeo, born 1839 in Bedminster.
       4            iii.  John Yeo, born 1841 in Bedminster; died March 1905 in West Derby area.
Notes for John Yeo:
Dwelling:  6 Ellioth Buildings
  Census Place:  Bristol St Augustine, Gloucester, England
  Source:  FHL Film 1341596     PRO Ref RG11    Piece 2478    Folio 61    Page 22
      Marr  Age  Sex  Birthplace
John YOE    M  41   M  Bristol  Head  Mason
Mary A. YOE  M  39   F  Bristol  Wife
       5            iv.  George Yeo, born 1843 in Bedminster.
+     6              v.  James Yeo, born 1846 in Bedminster.
Generation No. 2
        2.  Joseph18 Yeo (Joseph17, Joseph16, Joseph15, Joseph14, Robert13, Robert12, William11, William10, John9, Robert8, John7, Nicholas6 Yeo, William5, John4, Robert3, Robert2, William1) was born 1836 in Bedminster, and died March 1908 in Bristol.  He married Ellen Johnson 16 August 1869 in Sheffield, Yorkshire.  She was born 1852 in Newcastle, Northumberland.
Notes for Joseph Yeo:
In 1881 Joseph and Ellen were living in Clifton
Dwelling:        10 Ambra Vale East
        Census Place:        Clifton, Gloucester, England
        Source:        FHL Film 1341597     PRO Ref RG11    Piece 2479    Folio 58    Page 36
                        Marr        Age Sex        Birthplace
Joseph YEO        M     46         M     Bristol                             Head        Mason Lab
Ellen YEO        M     29         F        Newcastle, Northumberland, England   Wife
Joseph YEO                   12    M        Bristol                                     Son       (The birth cert. is reg. in Newcastle)
Ellen YEO                       4      F        Bristol                                     Daur
Robert YEO                    1 y   M        Bristol                                     Son
There are probably other children born between 1881 and 1891.
Children of Joseph Yeo and Ellen Johnson are:
       7              i.  Joseph William19 Yeo, born 1869 in Newcastle.  He married x September 1890 in Bristol.
Notes for Joseph William Yeo:
When he married and died his name has been changed to William Joseph Yeo
       8             ii.  Ellen Yeo, born 1876 in Bristol.
       9            iii.  Robert Yeo, born 1879 in Bristol; died December 1958 in Bristol.  He married Ms Warren March 1915 in Bristol.
       10           iv.  James Yeo, born 1891 in Clifton, Bristol.  He married Alice Williams 7 December 1915 in The Register Office, Bristol.
        6.  James18 Yeo (Joseph17, Joseph16, Joseph15, Joseph14, Robert13, Robert12, William11, William10, John9, Robert8, John7, Nicholas6 Yeo, William5, John4, Robert3, Robert2, William1) was born 1846 in Bedminster.  He married Lucy.  She was born 1847 in Box, Wilts.
Notes for James Yeo:
Dwelling:        36 Radnor St
        Census Place:        Nottingham St Mary, Nottingham, England
        Source:        FHL Film 1341801     PRO Ref RG11    Piece 3355    Folio 35    Page 8
                        Marr        Age Sex        Birthplace
James YEO        M     33         M        Bedminster             Head        Wood & Stone Carver
Lucy YEO        M             32   F        Box, Wiltshire, England        Wife
Edward T. YEO              9      M        Gloucester, England   Son        Scholar
Annie J. YEO                 7      F        Gloucester, England   Dau        Scholar
William T. YEO              4      M        Ashley Bristol                Son
Lucy YEO                               10 m        F        Nottingham, England   Dau
Children of James Yeo and Lucy are:
       11             i.  Edward Thomas19 Yeo, born 1871 in Clifton, Bristol; died March 1918 in Nottingham.  He married x September 1893 in Nottingham.
       12           ii.  William John Yeo, born 1876 in Clifton, Bristol; died September 1958 in Nottingham.  He married x 1900 in Nottingham.
       13          iii.  Annie Jane Yeo, born 1873 in Clifton, Bristol.
       14           iv.  Lucy D Yeo, born 1880 in Nottingham.
       15            v.  Bertha Mary Yeo, born 1882 in Nottingham.
       16           vi.  Iris Mary Yeo, born 1887 in Nottingham.
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