Henry Yeo, son of John & Alice Stribling,  and Elizabeth (Jennie) Aurther.

Henry & Elizabeth sailed for New York from Liverpool on the City of New York. They arrived in New York on the 15th April, 1872. Daughters Thirzia and Jane sailed with them, also Jane's husband Arron Stephens and her children.







Elizabeth (Jennie) Auther

1.  Henry Yeo, son of John & Alice Stribling,  (was born 6 June 1819, and died in Williamsport, Ontario.  He married Elizabeth (Jennie) Aurther.  She died 8 October 1890. In 1851 Henry was a farmer in Swimbridge, Devon

Henry emigrated to Ontario in 1872 and was then a butcher, living in Proudfoot & Chaffey & Bethune & Perry, Muskoka, Ontario, Canada

Children of Henry Yeo and Elizabeth Aurther are:

Jane Aurther Yeo, born 1847 in Swimbridge.  She married Aaron Stephens.
Thirzia Ann Yeo, born 1849 in Swimbridge, Devon. She married William Scott



Jane Aurther Yeo 1863

Thirzia Ann Yeo about 1869

Children of Jane Aurther Yeo and Arron Stephens are:

  • Mabel Stephens born 1870.
  • Ernest Stephens born 1872
  • Caroline Stephens born 1874
  • Arthur Stephens born 1876
  • Rossana Stephens born 1877
  • Robert Overton Stephens born 1878
  • Jane E Stephens born 1880

Children of Thirzia Yeo and William Scott are

  • Henry William Scott, born 1877 in Westminster, Ontario
  • Reginald Scott, born 1880 in Westminster, Ontario
  • Archibald Robert Scott, born 1890 in Westminster, Ontario


The Life of William H.* Scott and Thirza Yeo

by William Reginald Scott

*(3 documents exist with William's middle initial 'H', but no name. Keeping with the practise of the time to name the first born male child after the father's middle name, it is believed that William's full name was William Henry Scott)

I believe that these two photos (one above and one to the left) are of my greatgrandmother Thirza (Yeo) Scott, daughter of Henry Yeo and Elizabeth Auther of Swimbridge, Devon

William Henry Scott was born on January 29th, 1848 in Landkey, Devon England, the second child (of 8) of William Scott and Mary Liverton. The family was very poor: William's grandparents (William Scott and Joan Lang),and family were living in the Poore House, listed as paupers. William Henry's parents, William and Mary determined to improve their son's lot in life, (neither William or Mary could write their names), sent him to school in Dolton, Devon, south of the Barnstable area. Samples of his exercise books from 1861 survive. At that age (13), William was a well written scholar with excellent penmanship.

Living near William's home was a Mr. Wm. Hyman: a master shoemaker, and he may have influenced William to apprentice in that trade. In 1872, at the age of 25, William decided to emigrate to Canada, and, along with Aaron Stephens and family (brother-in-law of William's future wife Thirza Yeo), he booked a passage (ticket #991) from Liverpool to Halifax on the SS Nestorian, a 2466 ton vessel owned by the Allan Line, also known as the Montreal Ocean Steamship Company. The SS Nestorian was capable of holding 115 first class and 600 third class passengers. William settled in London, Ontario, first boarding with Thomas Walker ( a trackman) and family, in 1874-75. William listed his occupation then as "shoemaker". Receipts that survive include "The Howe Sewing Machine Agency".$40.00 for a Howe sewing machine (1873), and E.W. Hyman, a tannery in London , for leather supplies (1877). A receipt survives (1874) from Wm. Halls to Aaron Stephens for $100.00 "toward house & lot sold to him." This was Lot 71, Concession 7RE of Westminster Twp. Middlesex County, just northwest of Lambeth. From 1875, there is a promissary note from William Scott to Aaron Stephens for $150.00. Other receipts and promissary notes that survive include the Johnston-Mahon Banking Co., McColl Bros., a nursery and seed supply in London, and a tax receipt made out to William and Aaron for the 1875 taxes on their lot.$7.31. On June 22, 1876, William married Thirza (or Thurza) Ann Yeo, the daughter of Henry Yeo and Elizabeth Aurther, who also emigrated to the Lambeth area. The Minister was Thos. Greene, and the witnesses were Henry and Elizabeth Yeo. (Thirza Yeo was born in Swimbridge, Devon, England on June 22, 1849.,. so her wedding day was also her birthday. William and Thirza's first child, Henry William Scott was born on October 17, 1877 at Lambeth. Shortly after, William and Thirza decided to move to the newly settled Muskoka District, and, around 1879, they moved to the Williamsport area, near the Big East River, north of Huntsville.They settled on lots 29 and 30,Concession 6, Chaffey Twp. Aaron Stephens and family also settled on nearby lots. The original Scott homestead was a small 18 ft. x 24 ft. log cabin, which was added to over the years as the family settled and expanded. On September 26, 1880, a second son, Reginald Gordon Scott was born. William, Thirza, Henry and Reginald are listed on the 1881 Chaffey Twp. Census as English farmers, of the Methodist faith. Henry and Elizabeth Yeo, and Aaron Stephens and family are also listed in the 1881 Census for that area. In 1883, the first bridge was built across the Big East River, and a log schoolhouse was built the same year on land donated by William Scott. The first trustees elected on the school board were Henry Gerhart, James Bailey and William Scott. (The schoolhouse was replaced with a stone building in 1896. It still stands). On November 23, 1883, a daughter, Elizabeth Scott was born to William and Thirza. Elizabeth died at a young age: seven years old, in 1890. William Scott also donated a corner of his lot across from the Williamsport Schoolhouse, to be used as a Church, and a cemetery. The Church trustees were Henry Gerhart, George Rutherford, and William Scott. A Crown Sale Grant was registered to the "East River Class of the Novar Mission of the Ontario Annual Conference Church of the United Brethern in Christ" for $5.00, for an additional one acre of land on September 21, 1895. A receipt exists from May 23, 1890, to Henry Yeo, "on account of sale of farm". Near that date, William and Thirza's fourth child, Archibald Robert Scott was born, back in Lambeth. William and Thirza may have travelled back to the Lambeth area at that time, to settle the sale of the old farm. Around this time, young Elizabeth died. The Scotts struggled on their Muskoka homestead. Loans from the Canada Permanent Loan & Savings Co. in the late 1890s were in default. Increasingly, William suffered the hardships: In his first Will dated October, 1893 he begins: William Scott being of sound mind though weak in body suffering from rheumatism." William tried his hand at prospecting, applying for the mining rights of the north 50 acres of Lot 31, Concession 4, Chaffey, in 1899. He hired a Mr. Silver to cook and sharpen drill bits, and he sent samples to Israel Ward "Affiniologist" for assaying, but for naught. In 1892, Elizabeth Yeo, Thirza's Mother died. She was buried in a corner of the Williamsport Cemetery, as was her husband Henry Yeo (death date as yet unknown). On September 20, 1900, Reginald Scott married 16 year old Ann Bennettt, the daughter of neighbours George and Fanny Bennett. The 1901 Census included William, Thirza, Henry, Reginald, Archibald, Ann, and Laura Sherwood, a 25 year old female boarder. Around 1904, William and Thirza decided to move into Huntsville, purchasing four lots on the corners of Cora, Lorne and Florence Streets: planning to build for themselves and their three sons. William and Thirza lived at 3 Cora St. and William decided to join his oldest son Henry in the shoemaker's trade, his original occupation. Second son Reginald had bought a blacksmith shop on Minerva St. in 1905, and Henry and William set up shop in a section of that building. William's last Will was written on February 27, 1912. The letterhead reads: Office of Wm Scott, Treasurer of Chaffey, Box 10, Huntsville Ont. On the same day Thirza made out her Will. Thirza died on June 5, 1912, at the age of 62. She was buried in William's plot in the Anglican "All Saint's Cemetery" on Ravenscliffe Rd. William Henry Scott died on November 4, 1914, at the age of 66. The internment was on November the 7th. A receipt exists from F. Francis for: Casket & case $31 Horse hire & attendance 6 Grave digging 3 _______ $40 Paid Frank Francis



Compiled and written by Greatgrandson William Reginald Scott February 10, 2003, with much appreciated help and encouragement from Great granddaughter Marlene Glenace (Scott) Ehret. Additions, corrections and changes would be greatfully accepted.


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