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From: "John German" To: Sent: Sunday, April 25, 2004 8:05 PM Subject: Calvert Co - Comments from John which might help to solve some of the problems. Many thanks for this John.

After looking at the tree on your web site I thought I put forth some challenges:

#16 Aaron Yoe: I don't have any information on James Yoe but even if he did have a son named Aaron, he would be far too young to have married Ann Burk who, although still unmarried when her father made his will in 1738, she had siblings married by that date. I would think she was married to

#2 Aaron Yoe, son of John and Ann (Jarman) Yoe. You have also made James Yoe a grandfather at age 23 - doesn't seem reasonable to me.

#20 Benjamin Yoe: are you sure Aaron had a son named Benjamin? Nicholas Yoe

#6 had a son named Benjamin: WILL: YOE, NICHOLAS, Dated 2 April 1747, filed Queen Anne's Co., MD, 16 July 1747; Wife Jane Yoe. To my 3 child.: Benjamin, John and Anne Yoe, my personal estate after my wife's 1/3 is taken out. Wit: William Prior, Wales Egate, Jr., Mary Esgite, or Caleb Esgite, Jr. (or Esgate). Maryland wills, 25:115-116 [as abstracted by F. Edward Wright in MARYLAND CALENDAR OF WILLS; 1772-1774 (Westminster, MD: Family Line Publications, 1991), vol. 9, p. 116.] also see #2 below.

#12 Adam Yoe: Not named in the astract of John Yoe's will - where can I find him?

#5 Thomas Yoe: Consider: V.L. Skinner, ABSTRACTS OF THE INVENTORIES OF THE PREROGATIVE COURT, LIBRES 12-114, 1726-1729 (Westminster, MD: Family Line Pub., 1991), p. 61-62 (Mr. Skinner included in this book lists of debts not within the period indicated in the title "because of the number of entries contained therein".): "In the inventories is a list of debts due to the estate of Matther Dockery. The inventory was filed in Queen Anne's County. This list is undated. (The inventory probably dates about 1764.) It can be found in Libre 83, Folios 320-331." List of "Desperate Debts" includes: Robert Jarman Stpehen Jarman Amos Jarman William Yoe "son of Thomas" Thomas Yoe ******The date a debt was incurred is not given. The will of Matthew Dockery is dated 2 Decmeber 1753 and filed in Queen Anne's Co. 20 January 1763. [Maryland wills, 31:826, as abstracted by F. Edward Wright in MARYLAND CALENDAR OF WILLS; 1759-1764 (Westminster, MD: Family Line Publications, 1992), vol. 12, p. 168.]

#15 William Yoe: The son of Stephen Yoe married Mary Webb - See above for husband of Sarah Bostock. Queen Anne's Co., MD, deeds, vol. RTK, pp. 189-190: 4 January 1771 - 14 March 1771 Stephen Yoe and William Yoe his son, to Christopher Cross Routh - consideration 190 current money of Pennsylvania - 100 acres, part of "Brandford," - adjoining part sold to Robert Jarman Jr. Acknowledged before John Brown and Richard Mason, Mary wife of William Yoe being first privately examined. Alienation fine, four shillings sterling [as abstracted by R. Bernice Leonard, QUEEN ANNE'S COUNTY, MARYLAND, LAND RECORDS, 1768 - 1774 (St. Michaels, MD: pub. by auth., 1996), p. 47.] See will of William Webb, Queen Anne's Co., 1772, names sister Mary, wife of William Yoe.

#2 Stephen Yoe: WILL: YOE, STEPHEN, Filed Queen Anne's Co., MD, 21 July 1774, Sons, Stephen and James Yoe, exs. To son William Yoe, land I have already given him and 1 shilling. To dau. Rachel, furniture, cow, calf, linen spinning wheel. To granddau. Ester Milburn, heifer, sow and pigs. To my three sons, Stephen, James and Benjamin Yoe, remainder of my personal estate. Wit: Solomon Mason, James Thomas. Maryland wills, 39. 862 [as abstracted by F. Edward Wright in MARYLAND CALENDAR OF WILLS; 1772-1774 (Westminster, MD: Family Line Publications, 1994), vol. 15, p. 175]

#18 William Yoe: here is a alternative proposed by another researcher - if true it would cast doubt on this being the father of Perigrin Yoe. Do you have documentation to support William as father of Perrigrin? Subject: Re: Descendent of Ann Yoe Date: Wed, 21 Jan 2004 20:03:07 -0600 From: "Charles Craps" To: "John German" John, sorry it has taken so long to get back to you. The headstone of Ann said "departed this life June 24, 1813 on the 61st day of her life" She would have been born in 1751 or 52. There were several documents in Ohio in which William Yoe was mentioned and at least one called him "Old Uncle William Yoe. I found William Yoe's name listed in THE MARYLAND MILITIA IN THE REVOLUTIONARY WAR by S. Eugene Clements as being the unit of Benjamin Bond, Captain. I have sent to the National Archives to see if he received a pension (he was still living in the 1830 Fairfield County, Ohio Federal census.) Have you any evidence that William is the son of Robert Yoe?

Wow, the site is working, this is amazing, from Mary Hummell

Now who was Michael?

----- Original Message ----- From: Gary and Mary Hummell To: [email protected]/ Sent: Sunday, February 29, 2004 12:51 AM Subject: Joshua Yeo dob 1790 in Va. Sheila, I saw with interest that you replied to Jean's e-mail about Jonas Yeo. I sent her Jonas Yeo's parents & family information in various e-mails in 2000 . From family letters, which have been passed down, I have the following information---- Michael Yeo born 13 Feb 1764 in England and died 1836 in England.. He came to America as a young man and married Sarah Jones. She was born 11 July, 1765 in Va.. They had two sons Joshua (1790) and John (1792). Sarah died, and Michael returned to England never to return ---leaving the boys bound out to different homes in the Winchester, Frederick Co. Virginia area. Joshua married Alice Duffy and by 1830 moved to the area of Ohio where Greene/Clinton/Warren Co'.s meet. Joshua was a State senator for Greene/Clinton Co 1834-35.. They bought a farm 2 1/2 miles south of New Burlington and raised 12 children. (7 of them died as young adults in the cholera epidemic of 1849-1853). Joshua was a Quaker. His son Jonas ( Jean's line) was born in 1836. Joshua died 4 Feb 1836 and is buried at the Caesar's Creek Cem. (Quaker) Clinton Co. Ohio. Jonas's sister- Alcinda and her husband Ethan Kelly-- and Jonas migrated to Wayne Co. Indiana to help establish the Whitewater MM.. My line is through Joshua's brother, John Yeo, who followed his brother to Ohio in the early 1830's. He built a cabin in their woods, and he took his brothers' place in the Ohio legislature when Joshua's health failed. I have quite a bit more information on the descendants of these men but nothing more on their ancestors. Mary in Ohio

Posted by: Beth Yoe Fiddler Date: February 03, 2002 at 12:25:39 In Reply to: Re: Re. John Yeo c. 1672 Calvert Co MD by jason Carpenter of 386 Jason: I am descended from John Yoe, married to Ann _______(maiden name not known for sure, but possibly Jarman or Freeman). John's will dated 12-17-1733 and probated 1-30-1734 names 10 children: Stephen, Aaron, John, Thomas, Nicholas, James, Robert, Lucy, Ann and Sarah. His son, Robert had the following children, for sure, as they are mentioned in the will of Robert's brother, John: John (born 7-29-1750, being my ancestor) and William. June Craps (see her posting on this forum) is a descendant of one Ann Yoe Rigby, who was born 1753, traveled west and died in Ohio in 1813. Another researcher believed that a William Yoe traveled west with the Rigby family. So, possibly, Ann Yoe Rigby was a sister of John and William Yoe. I have no idea at this point whether there was more than one Ann Yoe born in Calvert County c. 1752-1753. Seems that it might be possible, as the family used the same names (John, especially, Robert and Ann, over and over again!) Do you have any idea who Ann Yoe Dashiell's father might have been? Beth

Posted by: June Craps Date: October 08, 2001 at 12:58:40 In Reply to: Re. John Yeo c. 1672 Calvert Co MD by Beth Yoe Fiddler of 386 I also am descended from John Yoe. His son,Robert married Mary (last name unknown). His daughter, Anne B. 1753 married William Rigby. They moved to Ohio, where Anne died in 1813. I also read about John Yeo, the Episcopal minister in Maryland. I thought he might be a grandfather of the John Yoe from which I am descended.

From Jean

Hello Sheila, I was so hoping someone would know about my Harry Yeo and his father Jonas! Sometime ago, I was contacted and given information that Jonas's father was a Joshua Yeo but I didn't get their correct e-mail or my computer crashed? My maternal grandmother was Ruth Anna Yeo, twin sibling to Willis(?) Yeo, born March 1893 and buried Earlham Cemetery, Richmond, Wayne County, Indiana. My grandmother was the child of Harry Yeo and Laura Shutte, dau/o Charles and Elizabeth Shutte of Richmond, IN. I have the Robinson line back to 1698 England courtesy of the Lilly Library, Richmond, In. What I need is information as to Joshua's wife and there back! I found a little information in History(s) of Wayne County Indiana written in the 1880's. 2 years ago, my 85 year young Mother and I ventured to Wayne COunty where she showed me the house she had known as a little girl. The house was owned by the 3 daughters of F W Robinson who was the Proprietor for Swayne Robinson Co. It was still standing but was a multple apartment. This summer my Mother will be 87. Emily Robinson, d/o Francis Wills Robinson married Jonas Yeo in Richmond, Wayne Co. IN. She had 4 children, Willard Yeo who was with the Railroad in California and buried Forest Park Cemetery, Glendale, CA. He had 2 daughters, Natalie and Matilda Yeo, by Martha Doane. Doane-Mills is the Funeral Home in Richmond, same family! Matilda was my mother's first cousin and died in El Reno, Oklahoma. We have an antique quilt from her estate with Bauer names and they are supposedly Nantucket, Ma Bauers. Haven't made any connection there? Irwin Yeo was an organist and played in Glendale or Hollywood California. Mother has a Theater Program from 1941 in which he was featured as the Soloist. Looking forward to your reply to this! I went DSL in December and changed the behind from swb to sbcglobal.net Regards, Jean [email protected]

Dear Sheila, I suspect that there are more troublesome "addictions" than Yeo genealogy! I am just getting started on the Yeo/Yoe line myself, but I am becoming more fascinated with the possibility of finding the elusive connection. I live in Indiana, Pennsylvania, a small town about 50 miles northeast of Pittsburgh. Indiana is about 5 1/2 hours by car from Calvert County Maryland. And Calvert County is part of what is known as "Southern Maryland." Maryland has an "Eastern Shore" which includes its land lying east of the Chesapeake Bay. Calvert County is on the western side of the Bay, and is a peninsula bounded by the Bay and the Patuxent River. Even when I was a small child in the 1950's, Calvert County was very isolated, and it seemed that everyone was related to everyone else! I don't have any information at this point which makes me think that the Calvert County Yoes are directly related to the Elizabeth/Accomack Cos. branch, although I am not ruling anything out at this point. What has stymied us in the past is that the courthouse buildings in Calvert County were destroyed several times by fire. So even though we have ancestors living there, we have trouble finding DIRECT records. I have mailed a copy of the information that you sent me to my father's cousin, a terrific woman who started doing some research on our family a number of years ago. I have re-ignited her interest, and she is planning a trip to the Maryland Archives. I hope to visit and do some research with her later this summer. I think that our only chance of finding the father of my ggggg grandfather John Yoe, be that the Rev. Yeo or whomever, is going to be through a "back door" of some kind as my cousin pretty much exhausted the local primary sources a few years ago. I'll let you know anything I find out. Beth

Dear Beth, Can you exlain to me where Calvert County is in relation to Elizabeth City County and Accomack County ? Do you think that the Yeos in Elizabeth City are connected to John of Calvert County? What early land records have survived for that area ? Typical Yeo christian names are John, Robert, Thomas, Nicholas, James, Ann and Sarah. Robert and Nicholas are strong Yeo names, especially for the William and Ellen Grenville descendants. Where do you live now ? Do you have access to the Maryland wills etc which seem to have been transcribed into some book form ? Hope you are sleeping better now. I am afraid I became addicted to the Yeo clan 10 years ago and have been studying them in depth ever since. I find I sleep better as it stops me from thinking about school......Regards Sheila

From Jason Carpenter

hello, i believe my ann yoe descends from a family of early marylanders. John Yoe, Planter. of Calvert co. MD 1660s and 1670s. Hugh Yoe and wife Ann Yoe of somerset county 1670s and 1680s. Ann Yoe born 1753 married Capt. benjamin Dashiell of the Dashiell family of Somerset County MD. The Dashiell family is a first family of maryland. I believe this Yoe family may well be a first family also. They are with other prominent families in both counties in the 1600s. Jones is one such family they are connected to in both counties at the same time. I am researching all Yoe people in maryland for 1600s and 1700s. thank you, Jason Carpenter -------



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