Isaac and Harriet Palmer

These delightful photographs were sent to me by John Pyne, a descendant of Alice Nellie Yeo, daughter of Isaac and Harriet. Photographs are unique, at the time of them being taken there were no photocopying facilities and probably only one member of the family possessed the original, usually the females.

Isaac and Harriet with family. Can anyone identify these children or in laws?






1. Isaac18 Yeo (John17, Isaac16, Thomas15, Thomas14, Thomas13, Abel12, Richard11, Justinian10, Richard9, John8, Nicholas7, Robert6, William5, John4, Robert3, Robert2, William1) was born 18 September 1842 in Sampford Courtenay, and died 8 July 1924 in Worle. He married Harriet Palmer 1868 in Weston Super Mare, Somerset. She was born 1858 in Weston Super Mare, and died 27 October 1928 in Worle.:

Isaac was left property in Weston Super Mare by his Uncle Isaac in 1868.
In 1881 Isaac was a licensed victualler, living at Uphill, Somerset,
with wife Harriet and children, George, Nelly, Kate, Walter and John.
Daughter Amy is with her grandfather George Palmer.
Dwelling: Ship Inn
Census Place: Uphill, Somerset, England
Isaac YEO M 36 M W S Mare, Somerset, England Head Licensed Victualler
Harriet YEO M 31 F W S Mare, Somerset, England Wife
George YEO 12 M W S Mare, Somerset, England Son Scholar
Nelly YEO 10 F W S Mare, Somerset, England Daur Scholar
Kate YEO 9 F W S Mare, Somerset, England Daur Scholar
Walter YEO 8 M W S Mare, Somerset, England Son Scholar
John YEO 3 M Uphill, Somerset, England Son Scholar
In 1891 Isaac and Harriet were living with children
Amy, John, Nellie and William. William and Nellie were born in Canada so between 1881 and 1891 Isaac and Harriet must have lived in Canada. Isaac left a will when he died, he was then living at 2, Branksane Villas, Worle, Somerset. Probate was granted to his wife Harriett and his effects were 90
In 1901 Isaac and Harriet were still in Weston Super Mare, with children William, a dairyman's porter and Nellie a draper's assistant.
Harriett left a will when she died on the 27th October, 1928, Probate was granted to William John Palmer, retired plumber and her effects were 81
Children of Isaac Yeo and Harriet Palmer are:
i. Isaac George19 Yeo, born 15 February 1869 in Weston Super Mare, Somerset. He married Bessie Every June 1897 in Axbridge, Som.
ii. Ellen Harriet Yeo, born 1870 in Weston Super Mare, Somerset.
iii. Florence Kate Yeo, born 1872 in Weston Super Mare, Somerset.
iv. Henry Walter Yeo, born 1873 in Weston Super Mare, Somerset; died December 1944 in Hackney area, London.
v. Emily Beatrice Yeo, born 1876 in Weston Super Mare, Somerset.
vi. Amy Yeo, born 1877 in Weston Super Mare
vii.John Courtenay Yeo, born 1878 in Uphill, Somerset.
viii.William Yeo, born 1882 in Canada 

ix  Nellie Yeo, born 1884 in Canada

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