Jone Yeo & John Triplett

Jone was the daughter of William Yeo and Joan Fulford, and probably born around 1510. As can be seen from the Hourglass tree above, Joan Fulford had quite a pedigree, but William Yeo died before his father Robert, so never lived at Heanton Satchville. In Robert's IPM, the properties are passed on to William's son, Robert and later Joan seems to have been living, as a widow in Bradworthy

Robert's IP taken 26 Nov, 1530 Devon delivered into court 15 May by John Pasmer. Inquisition taken at Exeter 3 May 1531 before John Hext esq., escheator after the death of Robert Yeo esq, by the oath of Roger Blewett, Anthony Pollard, John Carewe, Thomas Fortescue, Henry Denys, John Bydwell, Thomas Gibbs, John Pomerey, Thomas Hext, John Holway esquires and Roger Dene.:-

Robert Yeo also held a moiety of the manor of Coteley common with John Arundell, esq, held of the Lord Fytzwarren Lord Zouche, John Arundell and Peter Compton of their manor of Cardenham by 1/2 a fee mortain worth 12; 2 messuages, 200 acres of land, 100 of heath and 4s rent in Nymet St George held of Thomas Hacche, esq, of his manor of Nymet St George; worth 20s - i messuage, 40 acres of land and 40 of heath in Dowelton, held of the said manor of Stoford, worth 20s; - 1 messuage, 40 acres of land, 4 of meadow and 20 of heath in Sheepwash; held of John Holland esq., of his manor of Sheepwash; worth 5s and 1 messuage, 300acres of land, 10 of meadow and 100 of heath in Crediton held of Humphrey Arundell esq of his manor of Tueton; worth 3 By charter dated 13 August, 1510 he enfeoffed thereof William Fulford, Thomas Hacche, James Chudleigh esquires, John Rawe sargeant-at-law and Roger Graynfild to the use of Joan wife of William Yeo, son of the said Robert Yeo, for her life. William Fulford, James Chudleigh and Roger Graynfild are dead; the other feoffees yet hold the premises to the use of Joan, who is yet living. William Yeo is dead. Robert Yeo died 5 Jan 1529/30 Next heir Robert son of William son of said Robert Yeo, aged 21.

In 1542 property in Myddlecot,in the parish of Black Torrington was released by Hugh Prust, gent to Johanna Yeo wid and her son Humphrey Yeo.

In 1546 this deed was taken out

Calendar of Deeds - Exeter Record Office 30413 Dated 1546 Indented writing by Hugh Prust, Humphrey Coles, Thomas Hex, Robert Pollard, Richard Burgen and Richard Chaunterell that Humphrey Yeo, gent, and Johanna wife of John Tryplet, gent, held one mess. and 5 closes of land in Mydelcot, otherwise West Myddelcot, in the parish of Black Torrington, 1 close called the Woodelakem Le Langclose, North Quarry, Stonepark, Le Southclose to hold for 60 years if said Humphrey and Joane live so long with reversion to the above named parties and release by them to Robert Yeo of Heanton Then to Robert Yeo, Humphrey Weaver (Wheeler?), William Hechyne if they live for 60 years same lives.

In 1556 a bond of Humphrey Yeo of London, gent to William Yeo of Shebbear, gent in £20 a tenement called Meddicott in Black Torrington, now in the tenure of Robert Yeo, gent without disturbance by Humphrey. Release by William Yeo of Shebbear, gent to Robert Yeo of Heanton a tenement in Black Torrington called Middlecott now in the tenure of said Robert, esq

In a deed dated 23.5.1561, Robert Yeo gives the land to within written and all his interest to come therein to William Yeo in presence of Henry Rolle/Richard Gilbert

This tree shows the relationship between the people mentioned in the Deed 30413

My apologies re the trees but it is very difficult to transfer trees from a gedcom file to the internet.

From: Carol Lane To: [email protected]/ Sent: Tuesday, February 17, 2004 6:51 PM Subject: Family History Dear Sheila Iam a TRIPLETT and our family tree is I think related to the Yeo's, A Joan Yeo married a John TRIPLETT of Cornwell about 1536 but I see no word of this any where on the Yeo site her father was William of Heamton Sachvile and her mother was Joan Fulford of Devon is this because the records are very sparse . I would li ke to be able to track down her fathers will would you be able to help me ? Many Thanks Carol Triplett/ Lane







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